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Getting the message
That's what Fleet Street
Professionals are about

We aim to get the message you want people
to hear out to the people you want to hear it.
After all, it’s what Fleet Street professionals
have been doing ever since Wynkyn de Worde
first moved William Caxton’s print shop there
back in the year 1500

A lot of ink has passed through the presses since Wynkyn’s time.
Communication is now instant and worldwide, while reputations can be
lost within seconds in 140 characters or fewer.

Whether it’s written, broadcast or blogged, one page or a long-term
campaign, simple advice or help with a newspaper relaunch, we can
provide it. And we’re proud to provide it in plain, simple English, along
with graphic design, layout and IT services.

But that’s not all.

Journalists find out things. It’s our job. For when you need to know
things, too, order a detailed intelligence report.

We are based in the UK using British English, but also handle
worldwide projects using professionals with international experience.


All work we
undertake is
done or monitored
by a Fleet Street

We aim to get to know you well and help get your message across in the way you want it understood

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals - our success depends on it

Our passion is clarity and correct language use. We want your message to be heard, understood - and remembered!

We start with customer service, determined that it leads to customer satisfaction